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ETL is an acronym for data Extraction Transformation and Loading.  It allows you to manipulate and transfer your data between servers and files, for example, from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to a SQL Server database.  The technology used to accomplish this is called SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) which creates a 'package' that can be automated to repeat the transfer and transformation of your data repeatedly.  Development of such a package saves your organization a tremendous amount of time so you can focus on what is important about your data.  Whether it's the creation of new packages or tuning of existing ones, please allow me to help your business become more efficient and save you time. 


In the next 60 seconds 187 million emails will be sent, 2.4 million Google searches will be performed and Amazon will make over $203K in sales.  Data growth today is staggering, yet less than half of it is ever analysed or used.  Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansingtransforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making.  It is a critical asset for your business to successfully compete in today's world.  I've been performing data analysis for over 18 years and have been helping organizations such as Target, NYC Transit Authority and Blue Cross Blue Shield successfully leverage their data to save money, save time and take advantage of opportunities to make more money.  I would like to help you do the same.


Technology is a fast moving machine and it's no different when it comes to databases.  Taking advantage of the latest database versions like Microsoft SQL Server 2017 can be great but it can also come with the riskiest maintenance procedures.  Unexpected downtime, bugs and performance issues are part of this risk.  After performing upgrades such as; moving from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to a full blown database system; up-sizing from Microsoft Access to SQL Server or migrating your on-premise SQL Server database to a SQL Cloud.  I can plan deep test and rehearse migrations to be sure that you have no surprises.  Database migrations and upgrades saves your business time and money.   


Industries need more people that can use SQL, perform data analysis, data integrations and database migration to help companies leverage their data and remain competitive.  But knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

What are the most important aspects of these skills that your team should focus on to propel your business?

I am here to help you cut through the confusion.  I will teach your team how to confidently master SQL, focus on the analysis techniques that create opportunity for your business to create revenue, save money and time.  In our comprehensive in-person or online training we’ll solve practical, real life problems using SQL.  By the end of this course your team will be able to command SQL in your professional setting. I will customize our training to give your team a complete understanding of all necessary technical SQL commands and data analysis operations.