SQL has been around forever (quite literally). The computer language that allows you to communicate with databases made its debut in 1974. Despite its age, SQL is still very relevant today and here is why:

  1. SQL is a crucial skill to communicate with large pools of data. Seen the growing amount of big data, it is no surprise that SQL continues to dominate the list of top in-demand data skills. Just check this recent CNBC article

  2. In a recent analysis of 25K data jobs ads, SQL is mentioned 3 times as often as other more current data skills, such as Python or R. Especially for entry-level positions, SQL is a required skill.

  3. Large corporations as well as smaller organizations are looking for people with SQL knowledge: Uber, Facebook, Google, and Amazon's data teams all use SQL in their data analysis.

It is clear that SQL is a necessary skill for anyone who is looking to break into the data job field.

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