Welcome to NYC Real - The Project.  This is a course that has been designed to cut the fat of theoretical overkill.  We start and stay on a real world approach to designing a real world data analytical solution.  In this project we will cover the following:

Critical Communication

We will have a conversation with the business owner / operations personnel to understand the business.  Furthermore we will gain insight to the specific issues the are currently facing the business.  We will also gain access to the P.O.S data for the business. 



We will understand the principles of data modelling and create an E.R.D (Entity Relationship Diagram).  We will define and analyze the data requirements needed to support the analysis of the business P.O.S data.  We will explore a dimensional data model that is the current real world standard for Business Intelligence.  We will use this model to apply data analysis and support management in their business decision-making processes.



We will brig our model to life and create a traditional multidimensional database.  We will examine what a Fact and Dimension is and use these distinctions on the P.O.S data we received from the business.  We will learn how to import the raw data, prep our Dimension tables and load our Fact table.  We will be using the current standard Business Intelligence tools (SQL Server 2017 and SSIS - SQL Server Integration Services) to create this database.


Perform multiDIMENSIONAL data analysis

O.L.A.P Online Analytical Processing allows us to analyze database information from multiple database systems at one time.  We will query the multidimensional database and gather insight about the data.  We will structure our queries respective to the concerns of management, gathered from our initial conversation.  We will also examine the data to determine the extent to which the P.O.S data allows us to perform analysis.  We will record our findings.


Presentation of findings

We will present our recorded findings back to the business.  We will share analysis results that directly or indirectly impact the concerns initially communicated by the business owner / operations manager.  Both written and oral presentations will be prepped.