I have worked with Walter closely for the past year and a half. Walter is one of the most dedicated, personable and hard-working people that I know.

He always lifts others up, encouraging them to go farther, be better and move ahead in their endeavors. Walter has built a stellar reputation, not only as an engineer, but as someone that others can trust.

You can always find someone to perform tasks, do a job, manage, troubleshoot issues, etc.., but finding someone that has integrity and is trustworthy is truly valuable.

Walter always has the best interest of the individual, the team and the company in mind and measures all of his efforts and decisions with fairness and equality.

He never takes on the easy tasks, always the hard ones and puts everything into all that he does.

~Joey Kim

Walter worked with us on very key management driven projects. Specifically, Walter was a Subject Matter Expert and key designer/developer on a large project to implement KPI reporting on the newly rolled out ITIL process model, utilizing a new ITSM (ServiceNow) tool and other supporting tools.

Walter was able to collect requirements from top management, convert to a design for key management reports, and develop KPI reports that management relies on daily. To accomplish this, Walter had to gain an understanding of the global operation, tactical and strategic. His understanding of operational goals and processes were paramount to the project's success. Walter supported the success of a recent outsourcing effort to ensure the vendor operates to contract parameters.

Walter is easy to work with. I'd say his most important quality is his ability to listen and then communicate once he has all the facts. He is very thorough and detail oriented. 

Walter provided expertise into the ongoing reporting strategy and helped the organization achieve goals at the lowest cost.

~Mark Grossman

Walter was an excellent employee and it was an honor having him work for me. He had a super positive can do attitude and worked hard to find creative solutions to very difficult and complex programming issues.

He developed and deployed an extremely complex business critical application that saved the company hundreds of man-hours and many thousands of dollars.

I give Walter one of my highest recommendations.

~Jeff Titus

Walter Shields was a pleasure to work with at Target Corporation.

He was quick to pick up and understand business process flow and clearly articulate it to all levels of management, both written and orally. Once Walter met our business clients and understood the project’s desired end results, he often exceeded expectations by managing the project’s scope and setting realistic timelines for deliverables with little supervision from management, other than weekly status updates.

Walter is easy to work with and seeks to keep clients concerns in mind as he works to achieve their goals. He is thorough in his work and I have found it to be of the highest quality.

I would love to have the opportunity to work with Walter again on future projects.

~Chuck Olson

My exposure to Walter has been through his creation of KPI reports.

Walter proved to be very knowledgeable with certain tools like SQL Server, Service Now, Microsoft Access and others. He was able to effectively develop reports which were invaluable to the organization.

This allowed NYK management to review and react to certain indicators and proactively correct performance issues and process gaps.

Walter is also a very good communicator and a team player. I would recommend him for any role where these skills are valued.

~Stan Brenner

Walter is a knowledgeable Report Developer who excels at data integration, data analysis, requirements analysis and database development.

At NYK, he developed multiple ITIL aligned KPI reports and implemented code to automate the data collection and cleanup process.

He is intelligent, friendly and easy to work with. Walter is a great asset to any company or project that he is working with.

~Gerald Jarvis

Walter is careful, meticulous and hard-working. I especially liked that he listens well and was patient with his colleagues and clients.

Walter is a strength to any team he joins, I strongly recommend to yours.

~Peter Lamm

I've worked with Walter over the last three years at Ropes and Gray. Walter is one of my favorite all time developers. 

Working with Walter on projects was always beneficial to me because of his willingness to pick up the phone and troubleshoot with my team, his ability to compromise on issues, and his great work. 

I'd be excited to end up working with Walter some day in the future if we crossed career paths again.

~Matthew Joyce