DBA/Developer job details

DBA Developer Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.

Max salary-90k


Current Developer/DBA but is retiring end of June, so wanting to find someone to transition

He is the sole core DBA Developer there

They also have a programmer

SQL environment

They manage about 25 client databases plus in house large database


They are looking for 5-10 yrs experience with DB development, maybe even someone ready to move into a sr. role

Culture- very family oriented, everyone there been there for many years, Jim 25 yrs. Current DBA over 24 yrs

Program developer 17 yrs, head of production 27 yrs, Sys Admin 12 yrs.  They build great relationships with people, small company and work very well together, a bit more relaxed- get things done but not putting


Hybrid DBA Developer- good mix of both development and DB production

Current guy came from VB originally


Managing stored procedures, functions, etc.

Performance query plans and improvements

SQL- anywhere from 2005 to 2014, most of it is in 2014. 

Day to day- dealing with client data- they update different points of the month, so managing that process, ensuring procedures are followed, onboarding new clients, ensure code is being executed correctly, make sure they are meeting SLAs.

100% on site initially, possibly flexibility down the road to doing remote twice a week

Direct hire - want someone that sees long term

Absolute musts:

T-SQL - scripting and coding


That is the core of the position

Some migration projects moving to T-SQL so some of that legacy stuff is just a big plus

Benefits- standard; 401k (no match currently), medical/dental, LTD/STD disability

PTO- based on seniority - earn more the longer you are there

Somewhere around 1.25 days a month start and then progress up

Summer hours- short Fridays, off on your birthday



Position Summary:

•             Responsible for managing several large datasets daily including all tasks involving update processing, routing maintenance and performance optimization.  

•             Performing backup procedures including routine DB backups and DR recovery routines.

•             Advising on next-level processing on in-house or in-cloud storage needs. 

•             Communication with the sales team on findings.  

•             Special Projects as assigned. 


Position Requirements:

•             10 years’ experience in Database Development and administration of Microsoft SQL Server.

•             Skilled in SSIS package development and SSRS.

•             Experience in coding T-SQL, SQL, complex stored procedures, functions, views and triggers.

•             Skilled in evaluating query plans, performance views, trace files and other SQL Server tools.

•             Experience in fine tuning procedures, indexes for performance improvement.

•             Knowledge of DB security standards.

•             Cloud Data Storage knowledge.

•             Knowledge of basic web and ftp protocols and scripting.

•             Strong documentation and communication skills.

•             C, AWK, VB knowledge a plus.


Alex Hunter
Technical/IT Recruiter


Office (407) 215-0360 ext: 5074
Fax (407) 215-0358